Legacy Analogue

If you still use an old phone connection via your copper phone line or in some remote areas via a radio connection, then we can still keep you working if you hit problems with your internal wiring, physical phones or PBX.

Legacy Digital

Most multi-line PBX systems migrated from Analogue to Digital in the 1980s or 1990s, but these are generally proprietary making obtaining spares or new parts for extending existing systems expensive and often hard or impossible to obtain. CMIT can take a look at any old system and migrate to a more modern and reliable VoIP system, usually at less cost than repairing or upgrading the old system.

Modern Digital

Current phone systems (VoIP) can cater from a single line or extension to many thousands, they provide all the features of large systems usually at no extra cost. Some specialist features only required by very few situations have additional license fees.

For a single line, no equipment is required other than the VoIP phone.

For multiple lines or multiple phones you can still use a central VoIP server, but the ability to make internal (extension to extension) calls will be lost in the event of an Internet outage. So for systems larger than 1 line/phone it is generally recommended to have a local VoIP server.

Often VoIP systems can be integrated with existing wiring systems, but may require additional cabling.

Software configuration, maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting can usually be performed remotely after initial installation, saving on callout fees.

VoIP systems can be provided as "ready to run" dedicated appliances, but these suffer from the same proprietary issues as older Legacy systems in that you are tied to the ability of a manufacturer to provide ongoing upgrades and spares.

VoIP systems can be integrated with customer databases, so that when a customer calls in, their full history can be immediately available to view.

CMIT has over 10 years experience of implementing VoIP systems using standard PC components and Open Source software. This ensures easy and cheap replacements for any failed hardware. The software that CMIT implements is in daily use by millions of individuals and companies across the world.

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