Off the shelf

Mass market software, does what is says on the box (usually!!), but can cost a fortune to purchase and keep updated. Generally requires the user to conform to the way the software is written which can require changes to existing working methods to fit the way the software works. CMIT can provide consultancy services to evaluate competing software packages, with a full and unbiased report on the features and benefits of different products.

Many of the larger software suppliers have multiple licensing models which need to be evaluated carefully, both for immediate and longer term needs otherwise you can miss out on volume discounts and sometimes hit compatibility issues depending on how the software is to be deployed. Software that is intended for shared access, must be the correct license type, otherwise it may not work at all.

SaaS - Software as a Service

Many traditional "off the shelf" software suppliers now provide SaaS or subscription models where the initial high cost of software is "hidden" in ongoing charges. However, beware, these can often work out more expensive in the long run than buying outright and only doing upgrades when absolutely necessary. These packages still suffer from the same usability and change of work practice as "off the shelf".


Software that is written to fit the specific needs of the problem you're trying to solve. In most cases software can be written to match existing work practices. Bespoke software can help integrate several different "off the shelf" packages, helping to eliminate errors and ensuring data integrity.

CMIT has over 30 years experience of writing bespoke and integration software for some of the largest global companies. This was mainly in the field of User Authentication and Data Encryption using RSA Security's SecurID and BSAFE Encryption Toolkit. In recent years projects have focused more on Database integration, Xero integration, PayPal & DPS integration for accepting Credit Card payments via websites and using JSON/RESTful APIs to extend functionality or call out to 3rd Party Data Services.

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