Burglar Alarms / Security Cameras / Physical Building Access Systems

In New Zealand all work on security systems requires a license to be obtained from the Ministry of Justice by all companies, employees and individuals. With effect from 21st September 2017 CMIT is now licensed by the NZ Ministry of Justice to carry out work on security systems, license number 17-043111, expires 21/9/22. If you are having work done on Security System components, ensure that the company/person carrying out the work has a current license. You can check this on the MoJ website, they should also be carrying a Photo ID Card issued by MoJ.

CMIT can offer cost effective solutions which can be customised to provide integration with other software and applications.

Data Encryption and User Authentication

CMIT has considerable experience in providing Data Encryption and User Authentication services, following some 9 years of working for RSA Security. Several large scale software integrations were completed for large European and US Banks and Telecommunications suppliers.

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